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Page yoga Eric Lon updated : 15 June 2019

I started practicing yoga in France when I was 23 years old : I am still practicing

at the age of 69. From basics with hatha yoga I adapted Himalayan Yoga to

trek in the Himalayas, Népal, Annapurnas.

Album Yoga photos Flickr, 864 photos : Yogas au pluriel

Album photos Flickr : Yoga slide show, 70 photos : Yoga slide show

Yogatrekking in Nepal : October 2019

I will yogatrek again in Nepal, combining yoga and trekking to be Fit and

to swim in the high altitude lakes : Explore the Annapurna

Album Flickr, 238 photos : Explore the Annapurnas

Himalayan yoga is a tool combining different techniques

to get a faster acclimatation to the mountains height.

Album photos Flickr : Voyager Yoga, 715 photos : Voyager Yoga

Yogatrekking combines yoga and trekking, mainly in the Himalayas,

but also in other parts of the world...

Yoga at the beach, in Thailand ...

Album photos Flickr : Yoga at Patong, Phuket, 229 photos : Yoga Thailand

Thai yoga, " Russie Dosson " is taught at Wat Po Temple, Bangkok

by the instructors of Wat Po Massage School

Album photos Flickr : Thai Yoga, 209 photos : Thai Yoga

My yoga photos albums on www.flickr.com

tells more yoga details than the words

Eric Lon photos on www.flickr.com : more than 34.000 public photos

More than 200 Eric Lon Flickr photos albums

Yoga + Snorkeling in Tailand 2019

In winter I am enjoying combining yoga at a boat cruise in Thailand, around the

Similan Islands, Andaman Sea, and yoga at the beach for sunrise and sunset ...

Do you want to join me in December 2019? ericlon@hotmail.fr


My older website describing treks in different parts of the world

More than 34.000 photos within 220 free photos albums of Eric Lon : www.flickr.com

Photos legends

1 to 8 : Eric Lon Yoga in Sahara, Morocco

9 to 11 : Eric Lon yoga in Himalaya, Spiti, India

15, 16 : Yoga in Thailand, Koh Samui

19, 21, 22 : Yoga in Himalaya


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