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New update of page Eric Lon : 15 June 2019

462 Av de la République, 83000, Toulon, France
E mail :

Who is Eric Lon ?

I am 689 years old, enjoying several lifes in one …

Look at my 34.000 photos = + 200 photos Flickr albums : Eric Lon Flickr

My next trip in Nepal, october 2019, 254 photos Flickr : Explore the Annapurna

and many new videos on You Tube

Massage and Physiotherapy 

for 40 years I am a physiotherapist specialised with a French technique called : « The

Methode Mezieres ». It is efficient for healing the chronic back pains, at any age.

Album photos Flickr : Methode Mezieres Toulon, 84 photos : Methode Mezieres Toulon

Album Photos Flickr : Self Stretching, 55 photos : Self stretching

For years and years, In Cambodia, in Thailand, in Tibet and in Vietnam, I have studied

different kinds of massage, as additional healing tools.

During my journeys I am also sharing some yoga and physiotherapy techniques.

Album photos Flickr : Voyager Massage, 82 photos : Voyager Massage

My physiotherapy clinic is located on the port of Toulon, Southern France.

I am working during the school year, enjoying yogatreks in my district and I am traveling

during the school holidays . You can join my next trips with daily yoga practice ...

Yoga and trekking in Corsica - Corse - France

My ancestors belong to Corsica

I trek in Corsica 2018 to prepare my next yogatrek in the Annapurnas, Nepal, 2018

Do you want to join me in Corsica or in Nepal?

French vidéo You Tube Eric Lon in Corsica : a frozen bath in Corsica on 10 june 2018

winter video You Tube Eric Lon in Corsica : breaking the ice on 28 january 2018

Album Flickr, 60 photos : yogatrekking and swimming in Corsica

Album Flickr, 238 photos : Explore Annapurnas

Yoga and snorkeling in Thailand

I will travel in Thailand, on the islands around Phuket, to do beach yoga at sunrise and

sunset, and to snorkel, in december 2019.

Do you want to join me?

Snorkeling ay Similan Islands : swim with a mermaid

Yoga and snorkeling at Similan : yoga and snorkeling

trekking and snorkeling at Lipe Island : trekking and snorkeling

Album photos Flickr : Yoga on a boat, 89 photos : Yoga Thai cruise

Album photos Flickr : Yoga at Patong Phuket, 229 photos : Yoga at the beach

Trekking in France, Provence

Album photos Flickr : Trek ND Mai, 127 photos : Trek Notre Dame du Mai

Album photos Flickr : Swimming at Cap Sicié, 209 photos : swim cap Sicié

Yogatrekking in Nepal

Album photos Flickr : Explore Annapurnas, 238 photos : Annapurnas

Album photos Flickr : Explore Langtang, 93 photos : Langtang

Album photos Flickr : Kathmandu 2015, 254 photos : Kathmandu

Album photos Flickr : Methode Mezieres Toun, 84 photos : Mezieres Toulon

Different kinds of Yoga 

I started to learn Hatha Yoga more than 40 years ago, in Southern France, Marseille, at

the same time I was studying to become a certified physiotherapist.

My practice and my teachings are not acrobatic because they are adapted to the patients

suffering from chronic back pains and other musculo skeleton disorders.

Travelling in the Himalayas 29 years for skiing, mountaineering and trekking, I am

using Himalayan yoga as a tool to go higher : this is « yogatrekking ».

Album photos Flickr : Yoga slide show, 70 photos : Yoga slide show

Album photos Flickr : Different yogas, 746 photos : Different yogas

English and French website :


During winter I am travelling to southern islands of Thailand looking like "pieces

of Paradise". Formely I was a French swimming teacher and I am still in Love with

swimming and snorkeling. I am doing yoga on a boat cruise at the Similan Islands,

and sunrise, sunset yoga at the beaches...

Do you want to join me ...

Album photos Flickr : Yoga and snorkeling, 188 photos : Similan Islands

Album photos Flickr : Yoga and more, 242 photos : Phi Phi Islands

Album photos Flickr : Holidays at Kradan, 179 photos : Kradan Island

Album photos Flickr : Raya Island, 173 photos : Raya Island

Ski on snow, and ski on the rocks

I am a skier for 40 years. Nordic ski in Scandinavia, above the Artic Circle in the 70s

From the 80s I have organised more than 50 cross country ski expeditions on the dunes

in Sahara and Namibia.

Album photos Flickr : Voyager Ski, 66 photos : Voyager ski

I did rock ski in France and in the Himalayas, with several TV reports and 2 books.

Album photos Flickr slide show  : « Eric Lon ski everywhere ».

I did many treks in Northern Africa and 11 trips in Namibia.

I will travel again in Namibia to enjoy skiing on the dunes and looking for

Rock Art in the mountains.

Photos Flickr : Namibia, 42 photos : Namibia

More than 34.000 photos of Eric Lon through many albums :

Thumbnails photos legends

1 to 4 : Toulon, home city of Eric Lon, 2014 Rugby Champion France and Europe

5 to 8 : yoga and trekking in Himalaya, Spiti :

9, 10 : travelling in Thailand

11, 12 : Eric Lon was born in 1950

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