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Next trek in Nepal, october 2019 : 254 photos Flickr : Explore the Annapurna

I have visited 21 countries. When I am in love with a place, I am coming back, again

and again, to know it better and deeper.

I like to explore the quiet regions where few tourists are trekking. shows nice places where I am pleased to trek again

if a group is requesting in advance my skills to combine yoga and trekking...

Journeys Program 2019 : NEPAL and THAILAND

In October 2019 I will yogatrek again in Nepal, Annapurnas, to swim again in the highest

lakes : do you want to join me?

Album Flickr, 238 photos : Explore the Annapurnas


In February 2018 I will travel to Southern Thailand Islands, around Phuket, to combine

yoga, massage and and swimming and snorkeling during holidays.

Album photos Flickr : Yoga on a boat, 89 photos : Yoga cruise

Album photos Flickr : Similan Islands, 188 photos : Similan

and other islands : Phi Phi, Raya, Kradan ...

If you want to join, contact me and I will provide details:

Many photos of my previous trips in Thailand are available for free on

More than 34.000 photos within 200 Eric Lon albums on :


Album photos Flickr : Explore Annapurnas, 238 photos : Annapurnas

Album photos Flickr : Explore Langtang, 93 photos : Langtang

Album photos Flickr : Kathmandu 2015, 253 photos : Kathmandu

Photos : Best of Sahara

Eric Lon skieur tous terrains


Photos legends

1 : Buddhist monk in Spiti, India

2 to 8 : Sahara, trek and ski on the dunes

9 : Sea in Provence, France

10 : Sahara, sea of dunes

11 : Thailand, golden Buddhist temple

12 : Portrait Sahara

13 : Thailand, Royal Palace

14 : Sahara, Morocco, trekking in the dunes

15 : Thailand, Royal Palace

16 : Morocco house

17, 18 : Thailand, Reclined Buddha at Wat Po Temple

19 to 22 : Provence, Southern France

23 to 32 : Morocco, Sahara





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