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Eric Lon, physiotherapist : 462 Av de la Republique, 83000, Toulon, France.

E mail : ericlon@hotmail.fr

I am not the friend of telephone. It is not the right way to prepare a trip .

Sharing details by E mail is more efficient.


My French occupation : medical massage and physiotherapy.

Album photos Flickr : Voyager Massage, 82 photos : Voyager Massage


My speciality : the French physiotherapy : the Methode Mezieres

Album photos Flickr : Methode-Mezieres-Toulon, 84 photos : Methode Mezieres



The trips in Thailand with Eric Lon are organised under the guidance and the

responsability of local travel agencies, but you need to book your international flight

ticket, get your visa, and have a personnal inssurance.


To choose a trek with Eric Lon : look at my 32.000 Flickr photos = +200 albums of

Eric Lon public photos visible for free : www.flickr.com


New French website : www.methode-mezieres-toulon.com


English and French, depicting trips and yogatreks in different countries :



Warning : Eric Lon is no more travelling in India

For about 30 years I was used to trek, mountaineering and skiing in Northern India, but

I will never travel any more in India because the Indians Authorities at Paris are badly

acting as : "Indians flies wankers". In 2016 it took 6 weeks to get a tourist visa.


You can join the next trips of Eric Lon in Thailand

November 2017, February and April 2018 : Yoga, swimming and snorkeling in islands of

Southern Thailand, around Phuket

Later : Yogatrekking in Nepal, around the Annapurnas, Langtang, Everest ...

: travelling with yoga in Namibia


Contact : ericlon@hotmail.fr


Eric Lon Photos legends

1 : HH Dalai Lama

2 : Hands in mudra

3 : Yoga in Spiti

4 : Statue in Thailand

5 : Samuizoom webmaster

6 : Yoga nose cleansing, Eric Lon in Himalaya

7 : Pine trees in southern France, Provence

8 : Eric Lon teaching yoga in a school, Spiti, India

9 : Statue Thai ascetic ermit, self stretching, Wat Po Temple, Bangkok

10 : Sunset

12 : Eric Lon in Sahara, Morocco

13 : Walking on mud

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