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Specialized with the Methode Mézières

Physio Clinic : 462 Avenue de la République, 83000.Toulon, France

E mail :

The Methode Mezieres

Miss Francoise Mezieres, French physiotherapist created her own methode of physiotherapy in 1947.

She taught thousands of French physiotherapists. In 1977 I have been trained by Francoise Mezieres

and I am respecting her principles.

The body is a whole body and mind and it must be treated and healed on a global way, stretching the stiff

muscles from the head to the hands and to the feet. This technique, very different from the classic

gymnastic and physiotherapy has demonstrated her efficiency to heal the back pain, as well as any

chronic body aches. It is usefull as preventive for the children, in order to build the right body balance,

and it is efficient for healing the body distorsions at any age, even at old age.

Eric Lon physiotherapy story

Practicing physiotherapy since 40 years is my life choice connected with my feelings and my skills.

I am a healer because I am made for healing people.

I have been taught in 1977 by Miss Francoise Mezieres, the creator of her French methode of

physiotherapy which differs from the classic. It looks like yoga because we are using long stretching

postures associated with deep breathing based on the exhalation, but it is more powerful than yoga

because it is a medical technique adapted to the people suffering from chronic back pains and aches.

Album photos Flickr : Methode Mezieres Toulon, 84 photos : Methode Mezieres

For more than 20 years I was specialised with the Methode Mezieres at Toulon, and then I took a

sabatical journey of twelve years, travelling in different parts of the world to learn other kinds of

massage techniques, as well as different yogas.

I am satisfied to have completed this travelling and learning cycle and I am at the begining of a new

cycle, back to my home port, Toulon, doing my job during the school year and taking holidays for

travelling during school holidays.

Because the Methode Mezieres is part of my life, I am sharing it, through the association :

" ", teaching lay people who are interested in self healing,

or in family healing. This is possible at home, and also abroad, during short trips.

You can join these trips activating the Health.

Foot Massage and Toes Reading

Miss Francoise Mezieres was very interested in the feet because they are part of the whole body.

From 1979 I started to learn Foot massage and Reflexology.

From 1995 I learn the connections exixting between the feet and the mind and the character.

By looking acuratly the toes, it is possible to know better a person, a patient, and to adapt the better

treatment. Each toe is like an antenna, a mobile mast connected with a specific body and mind chanel.

The shape and the position of each toe indicates the energy running in this specific channel.

It is possible to balance the mind by acting on the feet and the toes.

Through the association " " I am sharing this useful technique.

Anybody can learn it.

Traditional Thai Massage

In Thailand I studied in different schools of massage. My favorite is Wat Po School, the oldest and largest

school located at Bangkok. Many foreigners are learning at the same time as Thai people. Within a week

you learn the basis of the Anciant technique, and then you can learn more within different courses.

During the XMas holidays, I am used to visit again Wat Po School and Wat Po Temple to refresh my skills.

The photos of this page have been taken at Wat Po, wich is located close to the Royal Palace.

The Traditional Thai Massage combines postures coming from classic Hatha Yoga asanas, and pressures

on different energy lines runing on all body through the " Sens ", similar to the " Meridians " in

acupuncture. The fingers of the masseur are used like needles to gently activate the energy.

Be careful because some wrong masseurs bevieve in : " No pain no gain ". This is dangerous.

It is not necessary to hurt the body to make it feeling better. If you feel any pain during a massage,

stop it and run away. The body energy must be smoothly treated without an invisible hammer

in the hands of a wrong masseur. Some years ago, at Wat Po School, it was written wise words :

" Less pain, more gain ".

Thai Yoga

There is no tradition of yoga in Thailand, and no specific Thai yoga, but one technique looks like yoga :

it is called " Russie Dosson", and it is made of exercices inspired by the statues representic ascetic

ermits, displayed at Wat Po Temple.

Every morning, at the opening of Wat Po Temple, the instructors of Wat Po School are training the

massage students in open air. These exercises look like easy as long as you are not practicising, but when

you join the class, you are realizing and feeling all your body and mind involved in this original technique

made to keep body and mind flexible, when you do not use regular Thai Massage.

During XMas holidays I am planning to shoot a report at Wat Po >>>

Album photos Flickr : Yoga Thailand, samui, 51 photos : Yoga Thailand Samui

Album photos Flickr : Thai Yoga, 47 photos : Thai Yoga

Photos legends from the Albums Eric Lon on :

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5 : Eric Lon and Serat Tan, Director Wat Po School at Bangkok

6 to 11 and 15 to 17 : Wat Po Temple, Bangkok

12 to 14 : Eric Lon teaching Methode Mezieres to Indian physiotherapists at New Delhi


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