vj eric maroc


mimosas blancs


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s1 sahara dunes


vj soleil maroc


s 7 sahara palmiers


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v 21 Buddha 3 feet soles


v 30 paon


v 31 paon roue


v13 arbouzes


As I grew up around the port of Toulon, I started to take underwater photos from the

age of 14, and I have studied Black and White photos at school.

In 2000, when I stopped to take slides, I have already 50.000 slides covering many

journeys in 20 different countries …

Album photos Flickr : Mini Top Ten, 10 photos : Mini Top Ten

Album photos Flickr : Top Ten + 1000, 124 photos : Top Ten + 1000

In October I will yogatrek again in Nepal, for new photos ...

Album Flickr, 238 photos : Explore the Annapurnas


Going to the digital photos was not easy. I became a member of Flickr in 2007, and I

started step by step in this new technology. Nowadays, in 2016 I am sharing for free

more than 29.000 photos on www.flickr.com

My new sets are organised as slide shows telling the chronological story of a trip, a trek.

www.yogatrekking.com shows trips and treks in different countries : English and French


www.methode-mezieres-toulon.com is specialised about a French physiotherapy

technique : French website


To choose within my 29.000 photos, look at Eric Lon Flickr albums


Legends thumbnails photos

1 : Eric Lon in Sahara, Morocco

2, 3 : Provence, Southern France

4 : Boy of Spiti, Himalaya

5 P Provence, Var district

6 : Dunes of Morocco

7, 8 : Sunset in Morocco

9 : Port of Toulon, Var, Provence, France

10 : Buddha feet, Wat Po Temple, Bangkok, Thailand

12, 13 : Bird

13 : Fruits of Provence : arbouzes


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