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I was born at sea level and I felt in love with the mountains when I was 23 years old.

Nowadays, 67 years old, I am still in love with the Mountains … and with the Sea

1 Album photos Flickr : National Park Calanques Marseille, 177 photos : Calanques


ERic Lon = 30 years of Yogatrekking in the HIMALAYAS

I will trek again in Nepal, Annapurnas, in October 2018

Album Flickr, 238 photos : Explore the Annapurnas


I did many yogatreks in India ...

In August 2014 I summited for the 5th time Mount Kanamo, 5963 meters, Spiti, Himachal

Pradesh, India, with nordic ski on the top.

I am planning to scale 7000 meters in 2020, when I will be 70 years old, and 8000 when

I will be 80 : I am serious. This is possible by harmonising the aging capacities with a

wise Life, from sea level to the Himalayas.

Scaling an Himalayan peak is similar to run a Marathon. My life looks like the mountains,

with up and down, peaks and beach sessions, and with some hilly treks in between.

Yogatrekking is a great tool to improve all the Life long, without excess. It is made of

specific yoga exercices and breathing to make the acclimation faster and better.


Album photos Flickr : Voyager Trekking, 678 photos : Voyager Trekking

Album photos Flickr : Voyager ski, 66 photos : Voyager ski

Album photos Flickr : Voyager Yoga, 715 photos : Voyager Yoga

Album photos Flickr : Voyager Massage, 82 photos : Voyager Massage


My occupation is physiotherapist in France : during the school year, on the week ends,

I am enjoying easy « yogatrekking » in Southern France.

During the school holidays I am trekking abroad with daily yoga practice.

Album photos Flickr : Trekking Cap Sicié, 129 photos : Trekking Cap sicié

You can join me : E mail : ericlon@hotmail.fr


Yogatrekking in Corsica : 2017-2018

My ancestors belong to this Island where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. I enjoy to trek

in the mountains with local guides. I will be trekking again in Corsica during the holidays,

between Xmas 2017 and New Eve 2018, and Ipractice outdoor yoga daily.

Look at my various photos albums of Corsica, Corse, on Flickr ...

Album photos Flickr : Corte, 71 photos : 3 lakes around Corte


Yogatrekking in Thailand : 2017-2018

Easy short hikes on the islands around Phuket, with yoga at the beaches, sunrise and

sunset. I will travel again in November 2017, February 2018 and April 2018 to combine

daily yoga with snorkeling to take underwater photos ... You can join me.

Look at my many photos albums on Flickr ...



Yogatrekking in Nepal : Annapurnas, Everest and Langtang

One day I will yogatrek again in Nepal ...

Album photos Flickr : Kathmandu January 2015, 253 photos : Kathmandu 2015


Album photos Flickr : Explore Annapurnas, 238 photos : Annapurnas

Album photos Flickr : Explore Langtang, 93 photos : Langtang




Restricted mountains of India

Since 29 years I was used to trek, ski and scale peaks in India, but in 2016 it is more and more difficult for French to get a touristic visa to India. VF Services, at Paris, which is linked with the Authorities of India, is not doing properly his duty.



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Eric Lon trekking in southern France and in Northern India

Thanks for visiting this webpage : enjoy the mountains ...

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